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Welcome to my site! I am a tournament angler fishing all throughout New England, and I also am the state promotional director for New Hampshire TBF. I am also a proud contributor and member of Freak Finder Fishing. If I am not fishing events then I am off filming for this awesome project. Fishing is my passion! Enjoy the site and please make sure to pay my sponsors a visit! Tight Lines



I have been fishing since I was four years old. Like many people who started early, my Dad got me into the sport. I still fish with him any chance I get and we compete in some team trail events throughout the year. I was "hooked" from the word go and now that I have been tournament fishing; my passion has grown exponentially.


For many of us fisherman, it's more than just fishing. It's a time to get away from the world for a bit and to connect with nature. Fishing for me is what balances my life out. Things get crazy but fishing always is there to center me. For me it's one of the best coping skills I have. It's always there and you don't need a fancy boat and gear; just wetting a line will improve your life I promise!


What Your Sponsorship Gets YOu

This is a program I started last year. I partnered up with the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals program to help raise money for Boston Children's Hospital. This was a kid's cast, flip, and pitch competition held last spring. Thanks to my sponsors; I was able to give the winning children a rod and reel combo and a tackle box loaded with everything a kid needs to start them out in the world of fishing!


For the first year it had somewhat success but I hope the popularity grows from year to year. Kids helping kids is a great thing and it may get that child hooked on fishing for life!


- Weblink on

- Your company logo on tournament apparel.

- Your company logo displayed on Boat/Truck at all tournaments. 

- Your corporate name announced and published on Blogs, Social Media, Web, and Video.

- Distribution of your supplied brochures, catalogs, samples, announcements and coupons at tournaments to anglers and spectators.

- Responsible to contact local representative and introduce myself. 

- Help local representative to increase and develop sales in the local area; trade shows, booths, seminars. 

- If company does not have local representative, responsible to contact manufacturing and update of business opportunities.

- Available to consult on local or national product development/testing. 

If Interested in Sponsorship please use contact form on the site thanks!

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