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Draggin' Stones with the Stone Dragger Jig From Powerteam Lures

I have fished with a lot of different jigs from a multitude of different manufacturers and have even made my own jigs for years but that all has come to an abrupt end with the arrival of the Stone Dragger jig from Powerteam Lures. They retail for $6.69 per pack but make sure to click the Powerteam links on my site to save on your order! These jigs were released by Powerteam Lures last summer and come in four different sizes: 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 oz. They also are available in twelve different colors but more on that later.

When summertime comes around here in New England it is all about getting offshore for Smallmouth Bass and that means deep water structure fishing. I have a number of ways I love to fish offshore for smallies but when I am trying to trigger a larger bite or other efforts fall short; a football jig is a great option.

A football jig isn't like flippin a jig into heavy cover where you need a broomstick and big line. These are meant for long casts and covering a lot of water. I usually use 14lb Pline fluorocarbon for most situations but will go down to 12lb if I am around more scattered rock. I usually do not go heavier than 14lb. You want a big sweeping hookset and a high speed reel (7.1:1) to pick up all the line that you have out on these long casts to ensure you get these bass to the boat. That high speed reel will also come in handy because a lot of times you get bit on a football jig on the initial fall so you can get quick control on that fish with a higher ratio reel.

Now onto these jigs! First off where else can you find top-quality jigs that come two per pack for this price! Now that I've got your attention what if I told you that you pick yourself up some of the awesome Craw D'oeuvre as trailers and you can literally match your jig and trailer? Ya sounds like a perfect match huh? (pun-intended) Everything I do in fishing is all about color-choice so to be able to pair a jig and a trailer so perfectly has completely changed how I look at jig fishing. Football jigs get put through the ringer and are treated like a 4x4 vehicle. They crawl over some gnarly stuff especially in the glacial rocky lakes of the Northeast and these jigs hold up no problem. The hook on this bad boy is a stout 4/0 Mustad hook which is important because as we all know we cannot afford to have some wimpy hook down there when a bass decides to chew it. I mean shame on you if you haven't already experienced the power of the Craw D'oeuvre but consider this your second chance at getting out from behind the 8-ball and put it on the back of this jig!

Try them out and see for yourself and you will know why Powerteam Lures are "Deadly on Bass"

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